• ETHIOPIA is the second country in Africa in terms of population, which is constantly growing and has now reached 101 million people. And all of them need to be fed.
  • A stable political and macroeconomical situation.
  • Lowest crime rate in Africa. Intolerance to corruption.
  • Favorable investment climate and legal base.
  • The country annually imports foodstuff and equipment worth up to 20 billion Dollars.
  • ADDIS ABABA is the capital of the African Union, and it will open the door for you to the entire African market.
  • The economy is booming, annual growth of about 10%.
  • The exhibition will be attended by the government representatives and serious businessmen.
  • You will be able to introduce your company, your products and services to the African market.
  • Find new distributors on the local market and to meet with your agent, if you already have one.
  • To explore on-site the possibilities for serious investment to the country.
  • To study market trends and to find out the possibilities of your competitors.

Yes, now Ethiopia’s economy is not as strong as that of the economically advanced countries, but it is booming, attracting more and more new investors and suppliers.

And if you will not come on the market now – your place will be taken up by other companies , and the lost time will be very difficult to compensate. So do not waste your time and welcome to the exhibition EthioWEETEX +EthioBig5 2020!!!