Summit Russia – Africa 2019. 23-24 in Sochi, Russia

The first-ever Russia-Africa summit had been held from Oct. 23-24 in Sochi, Russia, marking the culminating point of the return of Russia to Africa, with more than 20 African leaders and 3,000 delegates present. This convening is only another illustration of the recent increase in economic, security, and political-diplomatic engagements to foster Russia-Africa relations.

The recent Russia-Africa Economic Forum, which had been chaired by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi had gathered Russian and African officials along with business leaders where they discussed and signed trade, economic, and investment agreements.EXPO Club had also received the invitation to attend the summit and participated over there actively exploring and opening new horizons and opportunities.Trade between Russia and sub-Saharan Africa started at low levels but increased rapidly to $4.8 billion last year from $1.8 billion in 2010. Russia-Africa trading relations are characterized by Russia’s main role as an exporter. In 2018, Russia’s exports to sub-Saharan Africa totaled $3 billion, while imports from sub-Saharan Africa came in at $1.7 billion.

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin said up to twenty billion dollars of African debt has been written off, as part of an initiative to ease the debt burden of countries on the continent.

‘‘Russia is one of the top ten largest suppliers of food to the African market. We export more agricultural products to the markets of third countries than weapons. Weapons amount to around 15 billion dollars while I think agricultural supplies make up about 25 billion dollars.’‘ Putin said.

And in a return to the peak of its Soviet influence days in the 1960s, education is becoming a key influence vehicle for Russia in African countries with everything from research support and scholarships to language schools and academic partnership

Ethiopia today is a country with a huge potential for development, therefore, investing in the development of various sectors of the economy today will result in large dividends from the investments tomorrow.


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